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How do you clean the Mat?

How much does the Mat weigh, both wet and dry?

What are the Mats made of?

Why are there no grommets in the corner of your Mat?

What is the best way to store the Mat?

What makes a Mat from CareFree Mats stand apart from the rest?

What size should I order?

How do you clean the Mat? The Carefree Mats  brand Mat is very easy to clean.

 The method of cleaning depends on the individual but here are some suggestions...

1.  Sweep the Mat. Flip it over and sweep the other side. If this is to much like work then just shake it off a bit ;)
2.  Roll or fold it and place it in the specially designed CareFree MatsTM brand Carrying Bag.
3.  When you get home, lay it out and hose it off to get rid of any stubborn dirt or debris. Don’t worry, water will run through it and you’ll be able to put it back in the CareFree MatsTM bag in no time.

Yep – it’s that easy. We want it to be easy so that you don’t spend too much of your leisure time cleaning.

How much does the Carefree Mat  weigh, both wet and dry?

We get this question often. Mainly because we know there’s still a bunch of our friends that are still using those old indoor/outdoor rugs or other carpet remnants. And yes, they are heavy and difficult to deal with – especially when it rains or the ground is exceptionally moist. Those days are long gone with the outdoor Mat by
Carefree Mats ®  .

Remember, outdoor Mat by Carefree Mats ®  does not absorb water, it runs through it. It will not get heavy due to moisture or rain. In fact, you can easily clean it by hosing it off and within minutes, you can place it in the Carefree Mats ®  storage/carrying bag for easy, secure storage. Although the weight may differ slightly due to weaving or size, below is a close estimate for each size of each mat:

          6' x 9' Mat will weigh approximately 5 lbs

          9' x 12' Mat will weight approximately 12 lbs

          9' x 18' Mat will weight approximately 16 lbs

What are the Mats made of?

The Carefree Mats ®  brand outdoor Mat is made from 100% Polypropylene (PPL) (plastic) tubes. These tubes are woven using a special technique to produce a mat this is strong but still allows air and water to pass through.  A UV stabilizer is used to protect the color of the mat, resist fading and damage from the Sun. The combination of unique manufacturing, weaving and PPL tubes produces a mat that is well suited for outdoor activities while being eco-friendly.  If you’ve ever been to a campground that frowns on some of the older style mats, it’s mainly because those mats are damaging to the grass. Let them know that you have a woven, eco-friendly Mat from Carefree Mats ® .  Some air and water will filter through leaving the grass in much better condition than other types of mat.

Why are there no grommets in the corner of your Mat?

Through experience and your feedback, Carefree Mats ®  has determined that the nylon loop provides a more stable and longer lasting tie-down should you decide to use it.  Grommets require a hole be placed in the corner of the mat which reduces the integrity and weakens the corners. In addition, the grommets have a tendency to rust or corrode which will get on the mat and escalate deterioration. Due to the weave and design of these Mats, the Grommets do not remain secure and will often fall out leaving a hole and weakened corner. Some of our customers also think the nylon loop is visually more appealing than the grommets.

Furthermore, Carefree Mats ®  has extended the nylon border around the corner 90 degrees (some other brands do not do this) to further reinforce the corner for durability. We also provide a generous nylon loop that will support plastic, metal or any other type of stakes for those windy days at the Campground or on the beach.

What is the best way to store the Mat?

In the Carefree Mats ®  carrying bag of course. In fact, we recommend it so much that we include one with every mat purchased for no additional charge. This is a high quality, heavy duty carrying bag specifically designed for the Carefree Mats ®  with storage pockets. We also realize how useful the carrying bag is so you can purchase it separately. We won’t mind if you use it to store another brand mat - just make certain you get the correct size. And remember, these bags were designed for the Carefree Mats ®  brand mat and other types or brands may not be an exact fit

What makes a mat from Carefree Mats stand apart from the rest?

First and foremost, this is what we do. Our roots run deep in RVing and camping. We are our own customer, we know what works best and continuously strive to enhance our RV Awning Patio Mats. We meet lots of Campers and RVers, we ask their opinions and are often impressed by the great ideas and ingenuity of our customers and friends. Secondly, we are passionate about what we do.  It’s a fact that if you love your work and you’re passionate about it, it shows. UV protection, reinforced nylon corners, one piece – seamless Mats for all sizes and eco-friendly are a few of the features. When you grab a Mat from your home, vehicle, RV, Motorhome, Pop-Up, or Travel Trailer, Carefree Mats ®  wants you to be ready to roll it out and enjoy it. Therefore, each Mat is a complete kit. Your purchase includes the mat, a storage/carrying bag, stakes and a mallet. Compare all of the quality and features, we think you will see it’s a no-risk opportunity for you to own a quality outdoor Mat by Carefree Mats ®  .

What size should I order?

Carefree Mats ®  brand mats all have a width of 9 feet. With the 9 foot width, we offer lengths of 6 ft, 12 ft and 18 ft.  The main reason for this is due to the various awning widths you find on Pop-Ups, Travel Trailers and Motor Homes. We found that a width of 9 feet more than covers the extended areas of almost all awnings. The three size lengths, then take care of the length of most every awning on the market. All you have left to do is measure the length of your awning or the area you want covered and find the one that best suites your needs. Below are the three sizes we support.

          6' x 9' (For smaller areas or awnings)

          9' x 12'  (For medium to large areas or awnings)

          9' x 18'  (For larger areas and awnings providing the most coverage)

Also remember that if the size or anything else is not satisfactory about your mat, we will provide a no-risk refund or replacement.

The 6' x 9' size is an excellent Beach Mat or Patio Mat.  It's also a good size for under the Awning of your Pop-Up or small travel trailer. Depending on your area, it can also be a great Patio Mat, Deck Mat, or Porch Mat.  They can used for under or outside a tent for ground cover.

The 9' x 12' is a popular size and used under slighly larger Awnings such as Travel Trailers and Motor Homes.  Again, depending on your area, it can also be a great Patio Mat, Deck Mat, or Porch Mat.  A Beach Mat or Picnic Mat that will allow you to stretch out.

The 9' x 18' is a large but popular size.  Even though it's a large mat, like all of our Mats, it's very lightweight and folds up to a small, manageable size and easily slid into our custom Storage/Carrying Bag provided free with every mat purchased.  An excellent Patio Mat or Awning Mat for some of the larger RV's, Travel Trailers and Pop-Ups.  Customers that simply want a lot of ground cover purchase these and cover more than just the area under their RV Awning.