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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

CareFree Mats® requires advance notice of any return.  Please provide an explanation for your return using the email form at the bottom of this page and we will promptly reply with return instructions.

Returns for refund and or replacement are accepted unless the product was damaged due to an accident, misuse or negligence.  If however, there's a manufacturing defect, you didn’t like the quality, color or size, we will exchange it within 90 days of your purchase free of charge.  We will also exchange it if you ordered the wrong mat or simply changed your mind.

If we approve your return (which we do in most cases), we will mail (United States Postal Service) or email you a prepaid shipping label to return your order.  Affix the label to your return shipment and drop it off to your nearest shipping center.  You will pay nothing to return your order – we will cover everything.  Your return will receive the same priority as your original order.


We can ship to virtually any address in the US or Canada.  If the item is in stock and available, in most cases your order is packaged and shipped within 8-12 hours.

Once your order is fulfilled and shipped, you will receive an email that includes the tracking number.  Tracking information may not be immediately available until after it has been picked up by the shipping company, scanned the packages and updated their systems.  Please be aware that FederalExpress does not pick up or route packages over the weekend, so you may not get any tracking updates until Monday afternoon. Tracking your shipment is free so if tracking information is not available, please allow a bit more time for system updates, then try again.

Below is an estimate of how long shipments take to arrive at their destination from our warehouse.




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